Things Go From Bad to Worse For Keyword Planner


Google's Keyword Planner, an AdWords tool, is now restricting the amount of data available to non-advertiser or low budget accounts. Keyword Planner was once used by SEOs of all stripes and spots to find data on keyword usage. Then it was folded more deeply into AdWords, and in June non-advertisers were completely blocked from accessing it. Many users pointed out the hypocrisy of this - how can advertisers even begin to run campaigns that they have no data about? This was called "a bug," and later "fixed." After this incident, Keyword Planner began grouping related keywords into "lump estimates," which basically made it less accurate and detailed.

Keyword Planner used to be one of the most recommended tools for SEOs to get data on organic search. It might still be good, but it now comes with a price tag - AdWords advertising. Of course, I'm sure there are other paid tools out there that do the same, though The SEM Post states that most of them start at $100 a month.

There's more information in this Search Engine Land article too.