Some Sellers Report an Increase in Required Reviews for AdWords Star Ratings to Appear


In order to get some stars and seller reviews showing up in AdWords ads, businesses are currently told that they need at least 30 reviews. Now Google is telling some advertisers that they'll need a whopping 150 reviews from the past 12 months. It's not official yet, but SEL reports that it already seems to be in effect for some businesses in the UK, US, and EU.

That's a lot of reviews to have from the last year. I wonder if this is actually going to be a global thing, or if it's just something that a few businesses are seeing and saying "This must be true for everyone!" Because 150 reviews in 12 months sounds more than some small businesses can hope for without getting really, really, really pushy about customer reviews. Which, I thought, was something Google has advised against in the past?

The current policy reads that "In most cases, your business must have at least 30 unique reviews - each from the past 12 months." In most cases... So maybe there are a few scattered cases where 150 are being asked for, but that hardly seems like a global phenomenon to me.

I guess we'll learn more as the news story takes off - Google will hopefully either confirm it or explain it soon.