Yahoo! Verizon Team up for Broadband

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Verizon, Yahoo To Offer Cut-Rate DSL
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I love the differences between Yahoo! and Google, the business models, and the moves they make facinate me. Whereas we have countless rumours of Google as ISP, starting from scratch, in typical GOOG style, we see Yahoo! (obviously) doing similar thing, but making strategic partnerships rather than go it alone.

This was also the case with the moves into China. Google set up office, roll out authorized Adwords sales reps. Yahoo! team up with an existing force in the e-landscape in that region.

I have to say Yahoo's way makes more sense to me, but Google's is more exciting, and show's more BALLS ya know?

Anyhow, Yahoo! have teamed with Verizon to provide an ISP service in the US. The war rages...


Won't this compete directly

Won't this compete directly with their partner SBC who is also offering DSL?

I wonder :

if they get access to the logs :)



Definitely seems to be pushing out Yahoo's current partner. However, w/ FIOS on the horizon I'd go w/ Verizon too.

Mmm.. 30Mbps

Google is late to the game. Yahoo scored yet again.

Yahoo had the foresight to make the SBC deal years before Google had a clue that it might be a good idea to partner with an ISP and capture users when they logged on.

Yahoo saw the bigger picture years before Google. A Verizon deal will take pieces off the table. Part of Google's problem has been formulating a cohesive strategy to wrap around everything they're doing. Their mission statement, to organize the world's information and make it easily accessible, may need updating. Google is no longer the cute cuddly chimp it used to be, it's a gorilla. But as evidenced with the recent blunders (smart tags, Eric Schmidt's hissy fit with, etc.), they still think they're cute and cuddly and can get away with anything they do.

Microsoft took the "let's build it inhouse" approach and got the rasberry (for among other things, leaving important AltaVista search patents lying around for Yahoo to purchase). Why is Google getting applause for doing the same?

The heck with Google...

...this is aimed straight at AOL and cable companies.

Packages start at $14.95 per month for a 768Kbps connection with a boatload of storage and family-oriented Yahoo features.

More info at

market share of verizon is

market share of verizon is so little. gimme a break.

Yahoo! and Microsoft have

Yahoo! and Microsoft have been making a number of deals with the networks - to myself, I'm seeing a lot of groundwork being made for internet TV.

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