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Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain
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The NYT are running an interesting story entitled "Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain" where they detail the transformation from Google the wonder company, to Google the Microsoft'esque villain.

Nowadays, when venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technologists gather in Silicon Valley, they often find themselves grousing about Google, complaining about everything from a hoarding of top engineers to its treatment of partners and potential partners. The word arrogant is frequently used.

Lot's of choice quotes from Silicon Valley celebs in there aswell.


we are the public pivots point

These articles always underestimate, or are completely oblivious to the effects of webmasters in forming public opinion. We really are the NECK of online buzz. The backlash will get much worse once people start feeling the pinch from AutoLink shuffling there business away.

Google is not a villain. It

Google is not a villain. It is just another huge American corporation with the added benefit of cutting edge technology that few fully understand. They are going to hurt who they want to hurt and help who they want to help whenever they believe it will serve them best. They are not and never have been the non-evil doing friends of all things geek like they like to project themselves to be. They are just another arrogant, multi-national, over valued, over confident American suit farm fed by the grateful dead chef. How cool!

I hate to say I told you so but -------

Here is an excerpt from a Pandia article from Novermber 18th 2002,

>"This suit has never been about the priority we were given in a search or even our PageRank," says Bob Massa, president of SearchKing., Inc. and PR Ad Network.

"The case is about GoogleĆ­s attempt to squelch competition by targeting businesses and arbitrarily reducing their PageRank or search status.<

If you are the one being helped:
what a great friend they are and they are only trying to protect us all from the bad guys.

If you are the one being hurt:
What an evil empire destorying innocent lives whenever they want! They must be stopped!

It's just business. That's all I was really trying to say even back then.

My ONLY concern is that I believe they are doing things other companies would not because they know full well the limitations of the legal system in understanding the technology. I believe they are aware and I think they use that as part of their strategies. I also believe Microsoft did EXACTLY the same thing.

If I'm right, that is wrong. They should be held as legally accountable as you and I.

Wow, bob finally posted!

Wow, bob finally posted! :)

Nice to see you here mate..

Dan Gillmor gives google arrogance a slap

The remarkable thing, from my perspective, is the degree to which Google's public-relations wounds are self-inflicted.


The attitude problem has been evident for a while now. While I support the company's refusal to offer "guidance" to Wall Street -- a game used by public corporations to game the stock market -- the utter opacity of the operation is disconcerting. It's one thing to stick to principle, but another to rub people's faces in it, such as when Google held an open house and had the CFO -- the chief food officer, not the chief financial officer -- give a presentatinon. Cute, but that stunt will be remembered by people whom Google will someday need.

cutting edge technology that few fully understand ...

I don't think they even have that.

Just a stranglehold on mindshare, which is starting to get a little slippery due to sweaty palms.

My rule of thumb, if a story makes it to CNN then it is mainstream.

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