HispanoClick - Hispanic Ad Network Launches

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Hispanics click in Spanish?
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Need to reach the Hispanic market? HispanoClick may be the answer. An exclusively Hispanic ad network recently launched and by the look of it, already doing good business.

HispanoClick Online specializes in online marketing solutions for advertisers targeting Spanish speakers in the US, Latin America and Spain. HispanoClick assembles a network of 'best of breed' Spanish language publishers delivering millions of monthly impressions that can be targeted according to your needs.


Geez, what a sloppy website

It's a good idea, but badly implemented. How can you expect to be taken seriously if you can't even proof read typos on the first page of your website?

If you campaign goal is to reach the Hispanic Market...

Click around this website, but keep your speakers off, they're assaulting their visitors with bad Gypsy King-style music.

Ugh. What mood is that supposed to set? Should I break out a Mojito and bust a couple lines of Colombia's finest while perusing this website? It's as embarrassing to Hispanic business as Charo was to Hispanic entertainment. Koochi-koochi!

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