Yahoo's Ad System Crash

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Yahoo Ad System Crashes, Still Down
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MarketingVOX report that Yahoo! ads are down, and have been for 3 days now. Im not sure if they've been fixed this morning, but man, that's gotta HURT.

After a weekend upgrade, Yahoo's search engine ad system first slowed to a crawl, and then went belly up on Monday, preventing marketers from making changes to their campaigns, accessing their accounts and in many cases, even having their ads run at all. Yahoo support representatives are telling clients that they themselves can't access their accounts and have no idea when the problem - now in its third day - will be fixed.

Ooops! Wonder how much money that's costing them, and their advertisers....


Server Problems..

It appears that Overture ads were still being served......advertisers just couldn't access their account. I was in contact with someone at Yahoo! discussing problems with displaying YPN ads on my site (unrelated problem)..and the support guy was having problems accessing their internal system.

Had no problems accessing the My Publishing Center (for maintaining YPN ads)...this never seemed to have a problem.

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