Google AdSense and Facebook Ban Ads for Fake News


Fake news sites are hopefully going to have a lot more difficulty staying afloat in the near future. Google AdSense will refuse to allow their ads to run on fake news sites and Facebook will block fake news sites from using their Facebook Audience Network.

There are a few things to consider about this. What about satirical news? That's fake news, but it's not created to be misleading - it's created for a laugh or to skewer the real news. There's great value in satirical publications. It seems like Google and Facebook really want to punish a specific kind of fake news - the kind that is crafted to mislead people, create false narratives, and accomplish dirty political goals. I'm all for eliminating that kind of news as long as satire can survive and isn't caught in the crossfire...

And, of course, there are people saying "THIS IS ANTI-FREE SPEECH! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUBLISH AND READ AS MUCH FAKE NEWS AS WE WANT, LEAVE IT UP TO THE CONSUMER TO DO THEIR RESEARCH!" Except that what we've seen, time and time again, is that people will consume fake news as if it were true - so long as it fits into their personal beliefs. People can't be trusted to do their own research, especially not on Facebook for crying out loud. How long has Facebook been the joke of the Internet? How long have there been memes about Aunt Miriam freaking out about floride in the water because of a "popular" or "trending" news story she read on Facebook?

Come on now. Satire is a form of free speech. Fake BS news stories pushing political agendas or drumming up fear for personal gain are a totally different animal.


Small problem with that

Who gets to decide what is real and what is fake? The sites they're going after have proof of much of what they report. Yet the mainstream media will never cover these things. Look up who owns the media monopolies and reconsider. 

big problem for all social media users

Fake news is a big problem to all Social media users. Google and Facebook should be resolved as soon as possible.

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