IAB Release Standard for Measuring Ad Impressions

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Global Ad Campaign Measurement & Audit Guidelines: 2004
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The International Advertising Bureau have published a definition and standard for measuring online ad impressions.

The standard is backed by the majority of major online publishers and ad server technologies. This from the official press release:

Today, a global consortium of leading bodies within the advertising agency, advertiser, media and research disciplines issued a new detailed definition and standard for global online ad impression measurement. This initiative marks the first time any medium has launched a global measurement standard that has been accepted by all the key industry stakeholder organizations. Other media vehicles (such as television, radio and magazines) use different measuring techniques depending on country and region. For the United States, the guidelines also include industry-driven certification and auditing recommendations. Already underway in the United States, wide implementation of the guidelines is expected by the end of 2005.

Story via Adverblog