WTF: Someone calls ME and asks me to identify myself?

Story Text:

Just had a call off of someone related to a mortgage application and the rough theme of the converstion is:

Caller: I am from xyx..this is recored....etc

ME: Hello

Caller:As part of security can I take your DOB.

ME: errrr, no, as i am sure you can see I dont know who you are, so why should i give out my security information to someone who I canno verify myself. Can I take your DOB so I can verify you?

Caller: No i cant give you that information but I do see what you mean, perhaps I can give you my number then you will know who I am.

ME (Thinking) : Fuck off!
ME : I dont think so, you must be able to see we are at some sort of potential stalemate here, perhaps you should convey this catch 22 situation to the people that expect you to be able to carry out this work.

the call kind of ends here.

WTF do these people think is going to to happen..



I have that argument once a week

I'm having an ongoing row with a company who phones me and we have that exact same argument. We're never going to get anywhere because they won't even tell me what company they're from or what they're calling about until I give them enough information to steal my identity and buy flights to Bermuda. Every time I suggest they send me a letter they say they only operate by phone.

I'm so glad someone else feels like I do 'cos they were slowly convincing me I was the one who was mad. Apparantly "everyone else provides this verification without a problem".


...but what's a DOB (duh: I'm foreign) :-]

Only thing I can imagine right away is date of birth, but that would hardly be confidential would it (unless I'm wrong, in which case I may need some additional tutoring...)

dob = date of birth

By itself no, but I know what is coming....

Mothers maiden name.....postcode etc.

All stock questions for general security. OK one step short of the passsword and pin that I have to give the bank, but banks can be even bigger cock suckers.

They refused to believe who I was when they contated me once as they had identified some "potential fraudulent activity". They had got the wrong security details (a ten year of card number). The oooooooh so helpful manager at the bank also refused to believe me, even when I said I could gain access to the cash machine outside or go onto a computer and enter my dob, customer no, 4 digit pin and 10 character password. She claimed that a good fraudster could get those bits of information, and she would need to see a passport! Because they are infallible right?

By nature I am not an awqard sob but this scenario pissed me off :-)

Been known for some scammers

Been known for some scammers to call one day and ask for one bit of innocent info and call back the next pretending to be from someone where else and ask for some more. Eventually they compile enough to commit the fraud. Combined with some bugger rummaging through your bin, they can have bank statements, password and all your security info.

I always ask them for their DOB..

..and you know what, about 1 in 3 will give it to me. That's when I get on to their mother's maiden name, and so until, until they see where I am coming from.

It particularly annoys me when the bank calls me, apart from security, they are, as I point out getting straight through to me, whereas to get them I have to go through all that press #3 and so on.

You have hit a raw nerve with this post!

press #3 and so on.

and they never have the option i want


Worth a try, if you press zero a shed load of times it can think you are on an old phone and put you straigh to an operator. Worth a punt Paul.

Ah yes

Social engineering - quite entertaining when you are not the one on the receiving end. Basically Phishing by phone :O)

they are a bunch of tools, IMHO

I get a good bit of that by phone, even though we are listed on the do not call goal is to be ruder than the person calling me to the point where I personally help cause reduced productivity and additional attrition in their workplace.

also via email sometimes people ask like a half dozen newbie questions and then dive right in with stuff like... how much do you sell, where do you market, what is your cost per acquisition, what up sell products do you offer, if someone was to compete with you where should they start, etc etc etc

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