How Google is Fixing Fake News

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Despite all of our technological advances, humankind is still vulnerable to lies and manipulation. The busy bees who write fake news stories are leveraging technology in new ways to make deceit almost an art form. That's why Google and others need to get with the times and start flexing their muscles and ripping fake news to pieces.

Ian Bowden has some simple steps that Google is (or should) be taking in the piece above that I think outline a solid platform for the future. Among them is the need for manual reviews - human eyes! Google has made so many statements about the evils of automation in the past that it's pretty sad to see their own automated processes coming back to bite them now! Once fake news has been manually identified, then algorithmic penalties can be applied.

Of course, these steps leave out all the politics behind fake news. There are also a lot of people out there who think Google should keep their hands away from the SERPs and trust people to do their own research. Where do you stand? I'm somewhere in the middle, myself. We definitely need some kind of intervention - people, clearly, can't be trusted to do their own research all the time. And it's not just that people are lazy, either - fake news writers are also very good at writing stories that manipulate peoples' emotions.


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