Flickr Users Resist the Yahoo! Borg

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Flickr Fans to Yahoo: Flick Off!
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Some Flickr users, unhappy about Yahoo's plans to assimilate their accounts into the collective Yahoo! system in 2006 have created a 400+ strong user group called Flick Off according to Robert Andrews at Wired

At stake is a new user-profile stipulation that reads: "We will be migrating all independent Flickr accounts to Yahoo's network in 2006. At that time, if you have not done so already, you will be asked to create a Yahoo ID (or link your account to your Yahoo ID if you already have one) in order to continue using your account."

Members' photos will be deleted if they later drop their account with the portal and search engine, disappointing some.

That was NEVER going to be an easy one, but i've no idea why this would come as a shock...


No Shock

No shock, but I've been through one Yahoo snafu when they borged Webring. Talk about a giant disaster. I have no trouble with the Yahoo services I use every day, they run great, but I can see why people would be worried.

I wonder if there's any

I wonder if there's any money to be made in a Flickr-alternative.

Flickr is the dogs b*ll*cks

Yahoo! should leave it alone really but if they must they must. It is one of the few services I use everyday and not because I have to but because I *love* to.

Will they drop PAID accounts

Will they drop PAID accounts if they don't keep up Yahoo IDs? Blech, I knew there was a reason I wasn't thrilled when Yahoo bought Flickr. I don't want an intertwined Flickr/Yahoo identity. Yeah, sure, I could make up a new Yahoo account...but I don't *want* one.

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