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Trovando is a framing website that links through to dozens of SEs, metasearches, image services, blogdexes, tag repositories, etc with new sources added almost daily.

Trovando gives you textlinks all around the top of the screen to switch between query destinations. Mixed in very unobtrusively are single horizontal lines of AdSense ads, preceeded by "Annunci Google" which I assume is the less-annoying Italian equivalent of "Ads by Goooooooooooooogle". There is a toolbar available as well.

Hit"4big" and you get your screen split into 4 frames, each showing a major SE serp (G, Y!, MSN, AJ). Of course on my 20" display at 1280x1024 I didnt'get to see any results with this arrangment because of all the sponsored links and ads.

When I switched to 1600x1200 (ouch!) I did get to see the first few organic results in all but AJ (all ads, all the time!). This happens to be a very good time for one of my clients, with top 5 placements across the board on our primary query, so I was *very* impressed with the speed of switching between engines and metasearch sites (my site was always visible in those top 5, so no need to scroll). In this case I breezed through a demo of how the site ranked top in each place, much faster than any other way I knew to do it. Since this is rarely the case, scrolling is sure to be a hassle with the "Big4" splitframe (both vertical and horizonal).

I never knew of Ixquick or Kartoo or Ujiko but they are linked in the Metasearch list, as are Amfibi, Seekport and Exalead in the SE list. Honestly I wouldn't know if Trovando was introducing these to me, or making them up. Given the way Adsense was integrated, I would not be surprised to find aff links and the like, but when I looked at their framing of AllPosters.com I didn't see any embedded IDs.

Some "seo tools" are framed as well, including URLTrends, SEOTools KW Density, SEOpen PR checker and Golexa. There are also clicks for G/Y!/MSN backlinks and indexed page checks.

Trovando seems to offer me what Bloglines offers to blog readers: it puts it all in front of you, so with a click you can go... no cognitive work required. It seems to be evolving rapidly so tomorrow may be different.


Thanks for posting that

Thanks for posting that John, it's been popping up on the delicious links for a while now :)

I can't say i can particularly be bothered with this type of site - im a fairly typical consumer, in that i dont want too much choice - i just want what i want you know?

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