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Pimp Your Firefox - SEO Extensions Edition
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Dustin Frelich has put together a nice list of Firefox SEO extensions. Some i know, some i don't want to know, but some are great, and brand new to me. Most noticeably: SEOpen which apparently provides a whole bunch of contextual menu items such as cache's, link checkers, headers and more...

I'll have to restart Firefox to test that one, and i've a bunch of tabs open but i like the idea!


More ...

Ideal for debugging other people's CSS.

The clue's in the name. As recommended by DaveN.

Check out your response codes, cookies, compact privacy policies etc.

This is one of the reasons I

This is one of the reasons I use Opera - it keeps tabs the same after you close and reopen the browser. What you need is Session Saver from - which does the same thing for Firefox. ( Tab Bin from is also pretty useful ).

Also worth mentioning is Greasemonkey, mostly because it also allows me a blatant plug of my own userscripts - which number Google and MSN results automatically ( from ).


I thought I first read about SEOpen here but I mustnt have, I've been using it probably 4-6 weeks and use it daily, highly recommended, best plugin I've found to date.

bunch of open tabs

Speaking of extensions and open tabs you may want to try the SessionSaver.

from the addon page:
" SessionSaver restores your browser -exactly- as you left it, every startup, every time. Not even a crash will phase it..."

Anyway - you can always ctrl+d all the open tabs to one Bookmark by marking the "Bookmark all tabs in a folder" option

Also with Opera

In Opera, you can also drag the tabs around to re-order them. Or drag one to your Windows taskbar to open in (what appears to be) a new instance of Opera.

>>drag the tabs around to

>>drag the tabs around to re-order them

now THAT is what i really want to do with FF tabs! Sometimes i have 20 or more things open, and when i click a link from one story, to a new tab, i'd like to be able to group it with it's parent...


The last time i used it, it was borking my whole FF - i'll give it another go though maybe. Mostly i dont like to close tabs becuase they act as my TODO list - and if i bookmark all of them, or sessionsave them - then they're not right in my face anymore, and often get overlooked...


That *is* the problem, is it not?


>>borking my whole FF

Seems like every time I add plugins to FF, I end up deleting FF and reinstalling. Sadly, simply deleting the last plugin installed before getting errors never fixes the problem. Maybe plugins need a conduct rating.

FFE - F: Does not work and play well with others.

SessionSaver seems kludgy.

Drag 'n' drop in FF

Nick - this is what you want:

Mini-T extension

Tada :-)

Drag tabs around..


You can drag the tabs around in Firefox with MiniT


You've gotta love FF

You've gotta love FF :)

Thanks guys, gonna try it now...

Shuffling and grouping FF tabs

Can be done with the Tabbrowser extension. I mentioned this before and somebody replied saying that they'd had problems with it - I haven't, and absolutely rely on it. Just drag'n drop those tabs! (and resize them, group them, name them, put them at bottom of screen - and on and on)

Don't install tabbrowser

Don't install tabbrowser extensions heh. It really will mess up your FF, maybe not in obvious ways at first, but in the long run you will have problems. I recommend Tabbrowser preferences instead. TBE was originally a Mozilla plugin which was well-known for taking a blender to Moz's internals.

Mouse gestures

It's all about savin' nano-seconds thousands of times per day:)

That and slowing carpal tunnel.

Heh, stuntdubl - sometimes I

Heh, stuntdubl - sometimes I forget there are people out there who don't use mouse gestures! I'm not sure I could ever go back to not using them - they're second nature now.

By the way, StrokeIt is an excellent program (inspired by the Opera browser) that makes Mouse Gestures available in all Windows apps. Very useful.

>dragging tabs You know, i

>dragging tabs

You know, i can't thank you guys enough. This has revolutionized the way i use firefox in the past 24hrs!

>mouse gestures

I dont use them - what can you do with them?

Here's a link

This is the Opera mouse gestures page:

* Hold right button, move

* Hold right button, move right then up
* Hold right button and Shift, move right

I get the feeling you have to be into video games to get these moves down.


Cool...I'll check that one out. Thanks for the tip.

>mouse gestures
right click+left mouse move = back
right click+right mouse move = forward

Those alone save from dragging the cursor to the top of your screen 500 or so times/ day.

right click+up = new tab = my other favorite timesaver.

Be sure to get "all-in-one" gestures. There's another one that's not very good.

>video games
They're actually quite intuitive after a VERY short time qwerty. I have it so engrained that I find myself tryin' to use them when I pop into IE briefly here and there, and wonder why my browser is broke:)

Guess I'm old fashioned

I just do ctrl-t for a new tab.

yeah, ctrl t for me aswell

yeah, ctrl t for me aswell

so what's the best mouse gestures extension? (and thanks!)

Mouse? Pah

Keyboard every time ... not got the hand of doodling with keyboard but will get there eventually ;O)

keyboard and mouse gestures

I agree...I still love control+t. Whichever I'm closest to is what I use... Nanoseconds baby!:)

"all-in-one gestures"


It took me 40secs to get the hang of that!

Neat, thanks :)

Careful Nick..

Its a slippery slope.

Wait till you try using your mouse gestures when you're in IE. Or a word doc. Or when you're reading a proper book, now thats really sad.

Kick ass SEO FF

Kick ass SEO FF extension.

My favorite

That one is definitely my favorite pmac. If that doesn't make FF the best browser out there for SEO's...I don't know what would.

mouse gestures

is there a mouse gesture that lets you flip thru open tabs?

tabbrowser used to be cool but became a nightmare recently

you can do that by using the

you can do that by using the mousewheel on the tab bar gw..

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