You Need Content, Not Necessarily a Blog


SEOs like to say, like a record on repeat, that "content is king." But that doesn't mean that the only way to create content is through a blog. On WebmasterWorld, a member asks "Could you settle it for me once and for all that Google doesn't give any favour to the tool you use or the anchor that has 'blog' in it?"

Forum member goodroi writes, "Blogs, aka CMS aka content management systems like WordPress can help you rank better. This does not mean blogs get special treatment." The idea is that many blogging platforms have great tools built into them that you can make use of to improve your ranking - but they definitely aren't the only way! If you can add those tools yourself to another method of hosting and displaying all means!


Content is not king

I went to an agency pitch in 2013. In fact 3 agencies were pitching for our marketing account. I worked for a global company with money to burn so the RFP's needed to be on the ball and know their stuff. All three fluffed it. The first bored me as they kept repeating the phrase 'content is king' and I was sat there thinking 'do you even know how to write content?'. The third agency claimed to be best friends with Matt Cutts. It was a pathetic attempt really.

The agency was called Branded23 or something. Laughable. Another agency claimed to be PR experts and they didn't stoping saying 'content is king'. By the time they'd all finished I was miserable. In the end we decided to bring our SEO and PPC in house. The best thing we ever did.

Content IS King.

I don't think much has changed since Bill Gates was quoted saying "content is king" back in 1996. It certainly is if you're looking to drive traffic to your site, keep users on your site, etc. If you have nothing to share from you site aside from your "about page" or "services page," you're not enticing your current, and potential customer base to visit or frequent your site. Sure, you can purchase ads but what's going to keep them on your site, or keep them coming back? 


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