Is It Time to Add WAP to Your Web Site?

Just when you went and added that RSS feed it may be time to get to a WAP Site...

More marketers are recognizing the benefits WAP (define) offers for increased mobile content and application delivery, richer creativity, and deeper consumer interaction (and, therefore, data capture). Features that go way beyond SMS (define) and even MMS (define) remain largely underutilized. For evidence, Minick, the mobile content and service developer, worked on fewer than 12 WAP portals in 2004. It has 54 in development today.

The key to mobile marketing is offering consumers a reward for their interaction, so content-heavy WAP sites are looking ever-more appealing in a marketing setting. Rich functionality, on top of consumers' acceptance of the medium and mass-market penetration of color phones, is likely to lead to brands launching a rash of WAP sites this year.

Need to Add WAP to your site:
For the "Do-It Yourself" sorts: Transforming RSS into HTML and WAP I
For the "Can't Someone Else Do It For Me" sorts: RSS2WAP online conversion tool

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson
That Girl From Marketing




I agree with you on XHTML as it has many more advantages than simply use for mobile tech. However... I first found that link for RSS2WAP when I was trying to find a way to view an old blog of mine on my PDA (as the site was not built in xhtml but did have a Feed Burner feed) and it made it a breeze (boy you'd think I worked for them).

I dont' think i'd add WAP to

I dont' think i'd add WAP to anything personally.

I'd be more likely to use XHTML Basic for a mobile version of a site :)


From my understanding GPRS is a way to connect to WAP via your phone and once your connected, you can view WAP pages. However, you do bring up a good point about WAP handsets vs. GPRS handset penetration. I'll let you know if I find some numbers.

WAP completely passed my by.

WAP completely passed my by. I never owned a WAP phone, and to be honest, I don't know anyone that does. It's a dead technology in my opinion. Any phone worth browsing the web on has GPRS and a full HTML renderer, I can't imagine there are many WAP phones around, and I'm more than certain that their numbers aren't increasing.