French to Fund Google Print Rival

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French President Jaques Chirac is to lead the funding of a european rival to Google & Yahoo in an effort to thwart what he sees as "the threat of Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism" according to the Telegraph this morning. Ozh in the comments on this post tells me that Germany are involved aswell.

French president Jacques Chirac yesterday pledged to help fund a new European internet search engine to rival Google and Yahoo as he railed against what he sees as the threat of Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism.

Although Project Quaero does not yet have a formal budget, it will be financed by the companies involved and by European governments, Mr Travert said. Some of that money will come from the $2billion (£1.4billion) Agency for Industrial Innovation launched by Mr Chirac yesterday.

"It's time to go on the offensive," said Mr Chirac as he urged business leaders to keep their high-tech industries based in France to prevent job losses

France remains the biggest thorn in Google's side, at least the biggest country causing GOOG grief - but somehow i just can't see a Government funded print digitization initiative being anything more than a poor would be competitor to Google Print (assuming it can overcome existing hurdles)

Note: At the time of writing, the article linked above is down. Thanks to Dan for emailing me the link and snippets!


French + German

Although it may have been announced by J. Chirac, this project is funded by both France and Germany. And it's not announced as a competitor to Google in general, but more specifically to Google Print.
(more info, in french, in this article)

Thanks Ozh, i updated the

Thanks Ozh, i updated the post to reflect that.


Yasilly? Ya-anglophobic?

Waste of money

In order for such a project to succeed, they need to be able to handle language specific characters and IDN, and they first of all need to deliver search results that convince users to keep using it.

But Google and Yahoo should look into EU and WTO rules on the use of public money to fund projects competing with private businesses. This looks problematic at best.

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