Skype Not for Sale - IPO?

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Skype Insists It Is Not For Sale; IPO Another Question
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Skype may not be for sale, but it'll have to get it's financial arse into gear as it's losing it's hold on the sector rapidly. With news of MS buying Teleo this morning, aswell as the recent GTalk launch the VoIP scene is starting to look crowded.

In an email exchange with TechWeb, a public relations representative for the company in the U.S, said flatly: “Skype is not for sale.”

The “for sale” rumors have been circulatinging in recent days along with the report that the Luxembourg-based firm has hired investment banking firm Morgan Stanley & Co. to examine its options including floating an IPO.

Skype did not comment beyond saying the firm is not for sale.

It's an interesting time in voice communications - with so much to choose from im still debating which i'll eventually use when i finally get round to buying a decent headset - probably Skype, as the thought of using a Search engines service gives me the creeps a little...


very scared VC's

if their VC's weren't doing things that could get this comment deleted by Nick in their pants after Yahoo! and Google entered the market, they've now got the 300 ton Gorilla up against them as well. If neither competitor is a Skype killer, combined I'd be thinking a steamroller might be a better description, because very, very soon Skype isn't going to be the biggest and best any more in terms of user numbers, it surely this will be the beginning of the end for Skype.

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