WSJ Covers TrafficPower/1p Scum Lawsuit of SEOBook

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Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over
Comments Posted by Readers
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Further to our coverage of the TP/1p suit of Aaron Wall's SEOBook over comments made by readers about "alleged" mass scamming of small businesses and other dodgy business tactics used by the scurge of the SEM world, TrafficPower/1p, Gurtie spots the WSJ covering the story.

Mr. Wall, 25 years old, who runs an Internet marketing business from his home, said the suit "is so vague in nature that it's hard to know what I'm being sued for." He has posted the text of the lawsuit on his blog and speculated about which reader comments may have prompted it. Some visitors to Mr. Wall's blog had posted comments complaining about what they said were unprofessional business practices by, while others said they didn't think the tools sold by were effective in boosting search-engine rankings. Mr. Wall, of State College, Pa., had also criticized on the blog before the lawsuit was filed.

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