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Automated Posting of Daily Links
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Jeremy Zawodny has jumped on a rather annoying bandwagon by posting his daily links, an integration of his delicious bookmarks into a daily post on his blog. He's asked for comment, and i'll be happy to give it...

Why Daily Links Suck
Jeremy is hardly the first, others that i read that also pollute my RSS reader with this annoying fluff include Steve Rubel (no surprises there..) and Fred Wilson - You can see them if you check the first post at the top of Jeremy's blog. Unfortunately, to compound the annoyance, the permalink doesn't work heh...

It's not that there's anything wrong with the content of these posts, far from it - i subscribe to Jeremy's link blog, im an avid delicious user, and enjoy the "trusted recommendation" of links from poeple i consider to know their stuff.

It's the title's that drive me NUTS!
I absolutely fucking refuse to click on a title that reads "Daily Links for 2005-08-30" or similar. Mystery meat RSS titles just suck, period. About the only regular offender of the mystery meat title i've not purged from my OPML is Seth Godin, who wouldn't know a good title if it tickled his todger, but then sometimes the content outweighs the annoyance.

Not so with "Daily Links" though - it's just shite.

How about...
How about this? "Daily Links: iPod phone, google purge, some other crap" - Give some some indication of what im going to find when i click the link ok? I don't have the time or patience to click something unless i have a reasonable idea of what im going to find on the page when the browser loads - I don't think that's unreasonable, do you?


I absolutely agree. I

I absolutely agree. I subscribe to a Technorati (which is shite, btw) watchlist for "google talk wine", and I see countless "links for some-annoying-date" which drives me insane!

Yep, totally agree too - the

Yep, totally agree too - the fact that there could be some very interesting links hidden behind a useless title makes it all the more frustrating.

delicious inbox

you can subscribe to someone's delicious "inbox". you get to "see" what they subscribe to without the goofy titles, eezy peezy


Another bloody list of links. That's what I use Bloglines for, links I'm interested in like the 4 posts at Threadwatch I just opened up, not someone else telling me what they like. Sure, write a post about the link, describe it, but linkblogs=wanker in my books, sorry Jeremy.

That was a quick experiment...

Now I'm even more puzzled about why other folks *do* publish daily links. Very few folks seem to like the idea.

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