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The Mobile Web
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As i mentioned yesterday in: this aggregation & SEO thread, the nature of the way search marketers operate is about to change. And in light of that thread and this, it does seem to be time to start thinking and planning ahead for the future.

Russell Beattie posted an interesting essay on the Mobile Web - see the threadlink above - about how, in the not so distant future, accessing content sources via your mobile phone or wireless app will not be the hit and miss affair that it is now. He advocates a move to XHTML Basic as the best move for publishers to ensure that their websites are accessible via the Mobile Web though any XHTML standard would undoubtably work.

Although I agree with his hope that the MW will move towards that goal, as it's clearly the most sensible option for both the MW itself and for publishers such as us, i do fear that there's a large amount of wishful thinking in his prediction. I cant help thinking that we'll see the same kind of proprietory standards mess we had back when the WWW was young.

Here's a snippet to whet your appetite - foward thinkers should be reading this stuff :-)

there's going to be a point in the not so distant horizon, when most people are accessing the internet from their mobile phones, rather than from PCs. it's a fact. Businesses are realizing this and retooling for this new mobile world already. Manufacturers are making efforts to standardize on open specs (XHTML, SVG, etc.) and improve screen resolution (QVGA 320x240 will probably be the sweet spot) and websites are starting to embrace web standards as well. There's this vanishing point in the horizon when all these parallel lines converge, and I think that's where the mobile web is heading.