Yahoo's Spyware Shame

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Yahoo Rapped Over Funding Spyware -- Isn't It Overdue For Source Selection To Be Allowed?
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Champion of the infected PC, Ben Edelman writes about how Yahoo! funds spyware by allowing it's ads to be syndicated to notorious spyware miscreants.

However, serious concerns arise where Yahoo syndicates advertisers' ads to be shown by advertising software installed on users' PCs -- software typically known as spyware or adware. In my testing, Yahoo's funding of spyware is widespread and prevalent -- an important source of revenue for many spyware programs installed on millions of users' PCs. Were it not for Yahoo's funding of these programs, the programs would be far less profitable -- and there would be fewer such programs trying to sneak onto users' PCs

To be fair ASK have had their share of spyware accusations and Edelman has recently written about Google also - but sheeesh, what's the deal here? On one hand we have Yahoo! friend to the blogger, trendy and goodwilled supporter of all things cool(ish), and on the other, we have Yahoo! money grabbing, couldn't give a fuck spyware funders...

That's not cool Yahoo!

Danny Sullivan uses the opportunity to roll out a favorite topic of his again, source exclusion, asking why it is that the major Search engines are still to implement proper source exclusion when tiny PPC providers such as BlowSearch and Mirago have been doing it for ages - it's a GOOD POINT.