Skype Signs First Mobile Network

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Skype signs first mobile network partner
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Skype have signed their first deal with a mobile network. The German company, E-Plus, will start shipping phones with Skype from October according to a story first published in The Enquirer. There are more details in the followup InfoWorld piece

Users will only be able to make VOIP calls via their computers, not handsets. An E-Plus spokesman said the operator has no plans to begin offering a Skype VOIP service that can be used on a mobile phone.

The offering will be largely aimed at business customers who are the main users of VOIP now, said the spokesman. Customers will be able to use their laptops for most of their communication needs, including accessing the Internet, downloading documents and now making voice calls, he said.

Not all doom and gloom for Skype this week then...



window dresing. They'll need to do a lot more than this. Maybe they should relocate to France and tap the anti-American sentiment, that might help them :-)

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