Yahoo! Domains Now $1.99

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Yahoo domains now for $1.99
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Now that's quite a price drop - Yahoo! domains at $1.99



does anyone know how much it costs to transfer a domain away if you want to? I just skimmed through 3 T&C and all I can find is that you can't do it for 60 days.

Not that I really mind leaving domains with someone else, but I have this allergy to getting into something when I don't know how much it'll cost me to get out of it :)


Loss maker?? Like Gurtie I'll be transfering if I can find details on how to transfer, will save me a couple of hundred straight away.

It's only for a single

It's only for a single domain purchase, which is a shame. :)

But, yes - I'd be concerned about being hit by transfer charges, too.

Well that sale only seemed to last 1 day

I bought 3 yesterday and today went back to get 2 more and the price is up to $4.98. Still a pretty good deal though.

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