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Personalisation... How change SEO, and where SE's heading?
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SEO-Richard over at HighRankings has some interesting thoughts on what the roll out of Personalized SERPS will mean to the future of SEO - I tend to agree with the consensus in the thread that much of what we do now will be useless, or at least far, far harder and concentrating on the user, and your theme will become more prominent.

When every SERP is unique to the searcher, how can you optimise for the SERPS? I would have thought initially by blindly following recieved wisdom, which currently is links etc. but might soon be semantics, and then after that might be something else. The number of variables related to a succesful placement in the SERPS is probably going to increase, and the feedback on how succesful your strategy has been will probably decrease. You won't be able to make an educated guess as to whether or not it's the links or the keywords or the authority of your site or whatever whatever that has brought the searcher to you because there'll be a thousand different SERPS.

Of course focusing on the user goes hand in hand with seo right now. If we're unable to backward engineer the serps so effectively as we are now and unable to see from the results pages what methods are working due to the varied way in which individuals use personalized search though, it'll surely mean a heavy shift in emphasis for most seos.

What will Personalized Search Mean to SEO's?


well at least.....

it should see the end of those horrible 'top ten placement or your money back' guarantees.

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