New York Business Owner Arrested for Sending Google Forged Court Orders to Remove Negative Reviews and SERP Results


Man oh man oh man - this is pretty sleazy. A New York business owner received a court injunction in 2012 to get some negative reviews removed from Google search results. Rather than continue to work through the courts, he simply photoshopped the first court order and used it to demand from Google whatever he wanted.

Need a competitor taken down a notch? Photoshop the court order. Need more negative reviews removed? Photoshop the court order. Apparently he got so bold about it that he publicly "bragged about saving money by simply photoshopping these court orders and getting Google to remove any URL he wanted, as it seemed that Google would not independently verify the legitimacy of these court orders before removing the URLs as directed," says The SEM Post.

I mean, this is sleazy as hell...but how did Google take so long to figure this out?! The man was only caught because he started sending out so many court orders that people became suspicious.