Affiliate site sells for £700 million

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Empire is the target as web poker hots up
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Empire poker a site with no actual real gambling technology is now potentially being sold for £700 million pounds. For those who didn't know, Empire Poker actually has its gambling efforts all fullfilled by PartyPoker or 888 (,3604,1561970,00.html).

So here we have an affiliate business, ok a very very good one, being floated and also having people fighting to buy them.

Why would any body bother to have the call centre, support staff etc, when they can just get some traffic and then send it to the best merchants in the field. If you can send the volume the merchant supplier will give you everything you want, good revenue, full white label, etc because as a merchant what you need is volume so as to get your overrides. If the merchant won't give you it then their competitor will.

The future as I see it will be the merchants more and more fighting over the good "online skins" sites.


So how many of us here have "online skins"


I'm just jealous

When you think about it the actual tech behind a company is generally not the most important bit, as long as it works the customers don't care, and the goodwill is all with the whitelabel. They deserve it for time and money they must've put into that I reckon.

It's going to produce a whole new bunch of people who buy into an affiliate scheme for £199 and start posting on forums saying "why am I not making £10,000 a day for no effort and without marketing" though :?

skin supplier

Well, I supply virtual backends *and* skinned white label storefronts.

And the first thing I drum into their heads is that it's damn hard work. The second thing I tell them is no spam. If I smell it, they get cut off.

But it must be said that not every merchant can cope with the technical requirements for offering whitelabel. The backend must have been designed with that in mind.

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