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08:15 Fri Sep 9 2005

18:55 Sun Sep 11 2005

Staying at the THE GEORGE.

Anyone else going from Brum at that time..dont be daft lol





bmibaby dont do anything else and bollocks i meant to take that out :-) I did on the outbound.

45 minute flight i can deal with that

Arrive Thursday pm - biz

Arrive Thursday pm - biz dinner - bed

Friday, mess around most of the day, roadshow group dinner - bar - pass out

Saturday, stay in bed till lunch with some mates, biz dinner bar - pass out

Leave EARLY sunday morning

Also flying economy :) with Sterling

Outbound Birmingham 14:20

14:20 Fri 9 Sep 2005

09:45 Sun 11 Sep 2005

Think it’s economy but with the low price i paid i’m guessing i might have to help load the thing. No real plans other than drink and eat. Just hope I can mange to make that early flight home.

Saturday, stay in bed till

Saturday, stay in bed till lunch with some mates

oooer! or am i the only one who read that as you're staying in bed with some mates?

Geneva arrive about 4pm on

Geneva arrive about 4pm on Sat with KLM

Fly back with Gimp to Brum
Economy Departing
18:55 Sun Sep 11 2005

Leaving home Friday at approx 6am

Leaving home Friday at approx 6am and driving up to Edinburgh arriving at the George about 9am and chill out for most of the day touring round Edinburgh and meet up for the meal at night, Saturday pretty much the same with a meal at night, leaving sometime Sunday afternoon

looking forward to it :)

Departs Dallas-Fort Worth

Departs Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 3:05PM 8 September 2005
Arrives London (LGW) 6:15AM 9 September 2005

Departs LGW Fri 09 Sep 09:55
arr. Edinburgh Fri 09 Sep 11:25


Departs Edinburgh To London Gatwick (South Terminal) 11:45 Mon 12 Sep
Arrive: LGW 13:15 Monday 12 September Mon

Departs: London (LGW) 2:30PM 12 September 2005
Arrive: Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 6:25PM 12 Sept 2005

I'm staying with Teresa (Mivox) at the George Friday and Saturday. Don't know where I will stay Sunday, I hope to find something.

Flying out Friday from

Flying out Friday from Stansted 16:10

Flying back Sunday from Edinburgh 13:40

Easyjet from Luton arrives

Easyjet from Luton arrives at 12.25 on Friday.

Staying at The George.

Flying back to Luton on Sunday at 19.55.

See y'all at the bar :)

Looks like I am all alone

Looks like I am all alone Sunday afternoon/ Monday morning.

9.55 up from Gatwick and

9.55 up from Gatwick and 16.45 return on Sunday - carefully picked so I can get in a lunch both days if people are around :)

Grnidone I should think you'll need about 12 hours sleep to recover anyway. I'll definately envy you on Monday morning when the alarm goes off...

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