Have you moved back from HTTPS to HTTP


Over at WebmasterWorld there's a thread about a member considering moving back from HTTPS to HTTP because of the site and pages dropping in the SERPs.

Have you regretted moving to HTTPS and want to move back. The big quesiton might be why you'd want to go back?

One member may not have fully understood what's going on when swicthing to HTTPS in the first place, and is now considering rolling back.

Will the site recover from switching back? What do you think?





I've never tried rolling a site back after the traffic downturn from change over to SSL but given roll back projects relating to other types of URL issues, it may work...

Have you moved back from HTTPS to HTTP

I'd have to say that if they saw a significant drop and it persisted beyond their next crawl, then the problem isn't that they moved to https... it's that they didn't do it properly. Rather than rollback, I think it would make a lot more sense to find the issue and fix it.


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