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Ad Networks Facing Fierce Fight for Inventory
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According to a story in the Ecommerce Times ad networks are feeling the pinch as cheap inventory gets harder and harder to find. In fact, publishers are doing rather well out of all of this, with more choice, and higher prices attached to their traffic.

Burst sells ad space across about 2,000 sites, mostly mid-sized publishers that range from to niche sites like CEO Jarvis Coffin said that while there is no shortage of new Web sites, it is getting harder for ad networks to snap up "cheap inventory."

"What we're certainly seeing is prices are going up," said Coffin. "Our CFO is fond of saying that you don't have a supply problem, you have a pricing problem."

At the same time, publishers are getting savvy about how to get the most bang for the ad space. Some are holding back their inventory, figuring they can get a better deal if they wait.

There certainly are a lot of networks out there, and plenty of Adsense alternatives for smaller publishers, but i get the feeling (ok, not so hard a guess..) that we're only just beginning to see where this may all be headed.

I was speaking to a friend today, and we agreed that within a year there could be a major adsense backlash as YPN and MSN's contextuals go mainstream, and get up to par with the GOOG leader - once publishers have a viable choice, it could all get very interesting.

The nice thing is, there is only one winner in this scenario: Publishers.


YEAHHH !!!! HOoRAAyyyyy!!

YEAHHH !!!! HOoRAAyyyyy!! ALL RIGHT!!!!

>giving resounding standing ovation at the possibilty of seeing publishers actually compensated for their work. A topic very near to my heart. I may have personally failed but I was right!<

It's about time. BTW, some

It's about time. BTW, some of those Adsense Alternatives seem to work very well indeed.

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