Google SERPs changes, algorithm updates still appear to be shifting SERPs


Quite a few of the automated tools are showing lots of activity with google's SERPs in the last few days or so, and as usual, Google is remaining silent on current changes going on.

There are various theories going on right now, and here are a few of the possibilities, and links to the sources.

Firstly, here are some of the automated tools showing changes over the last week or so.

Accuranker's Google Grump ratings

Advanced Web Ranking


Mozcast Weather

Rank Ranger Risk Index

SERPmetrix Flux

On WebmasterWorld the discussion has picked up with a few suggestions of what's going on, including a core ranking update, and a possible roll-back of some earlier changes. On WebmasterWorld they try and identify sectors getting hit, such as industry, and global location.

Here's the WebmasterWorld thread on the topic

Barry Schwartz covers the possiblilities here