Google's AdHub (beta), system might just connect ads to offline buyers

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Google said its Ad Hub, in beta, should be able to connect advertiser budgets to buyers making offline purchases in stores, through its tracking and credit card transactions.

Privacy advocates aren't too happy, but, for sure, the advertisers will be delighted as they should know better where their ad Dollars are going.


another move just over the creepy line

I think the privacy aspect is interesting. On one hand, users, especially younger users, expect personalized experiences, which requires data to realize on another hand there is an abstract sense of privacy. I think we have seen from users time and time again that they are willing to trade in their privacy for free tools, features, and convienience. Here is a really interesting snippet from the Washington Post article mentioned above

“What’s really fascinating to me is that as the companies become increasingly intrusive in terms of their data collection, they also become more secretive,” said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

I think that platforms know that they are crossing the creepy line and just don't want the bad PR but even in cases of when abuses have created scandals, nothing really has changed and users have continued on much in the same  way. Google and other platforms have  so far, been pretty good stewards of data and so long as that continues, I don't see users objecting too deeply. I will add that hte Washington post article does mention hacking and there have been some well publicized hacks but these have not seemed to deter users and customers.


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