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Free KnockKnock ebook now available
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Seth is giving away free copies of his new eBook, KnockKnock [pdf] for free. I've only read the first few pages, but im happy to put it out here on TW based solely on that - i think it's a goodie...


Nice one :-)

Nice one :-)

I read it earlier today

I read it earlier today based on the delicious links on the right (Thanks for implementing them Nick, great idea) and I have to say it isn't a bad read.

I recomend it.

Seth is usually a good read

Seth is usually a good read - except when he starts talking about search marketing LOL

The truth will set you free!

The truth will set you free! I'm thrilled anytime I see anyone talking more about conversions than placements. While I don't agree with every point he makes I certianly agree 100% with the overall concept.

I did feel it was a little obvious as a vehicle for his own ads, but the substance was there.

an advertiser's perspective

When this came out last week I thought it reflected a traditional ad-man perspective. Not how I usually view Seth Godin.

Sure, ONE evolution of websites used for marketing communications is for them to become stand-alone, YP-style "ads", with a message and strategy and outcome metric.. as Mr. Godin suggests.

But that is not the only avenue of development for this web thingy. It is certainly not the only avenue for SEO, and just as the traditional ad-man has a role to play in marketing, so too does the smart ecommerce specialist outside of ad pages.

To be fair Seth Godin did challenge everyone to write Chapter 2 of that "book". Therein lies the Godin gold... it really didn't matter too much what he put forth, did it?



The Sequel's Free Too

Who's There

Or if you want to read about it first, it's at the blog's home page:

Seth is usually a good read -

Seth is usually a good read - except when he starts talking about search marketing.

Indeed. Most of his concepts are very sound. He regards SEO's a small notch above folks that practice MLM. A "who's there for SEO's" would be very nice.

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