Apple Launch iPhone, iTunes 5 & iPod Nano

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Busy day for big job Steve Jobs at Apple. They've launched a whole bunch of expected goodies, including the fabled iPhone. I've put together some of the better coverage for your technofrenzied pleasure below.

Gizmodo have the first pics of the iPhone and a bunch of quick hit details:

To clear up the first big question: 100 song capacity. It’s a quad band GSM phone, color screen, built-in camera with stereo speakeres and a mobile headset. One button access to iTunes, USB 2.0 connection for transfer song and random autofill or manuall fill.

The BBC have more in-depth reporting on the iPhone launch, which of course is with Motorola and Cingular (in the US) - it's running on the Rockr E1 for those that care.

The Rokr phone is expected to be available in the UK and Europe in late September.

The Carphone Warehouse is advertising the phone on the O2 network for £209.99 for pre-pay customers and free for those choosing a monthly contract. The phones will be available from 15 September.

Engadget have more technical details and also snagged some pics.

feature a 100 song capacity via random autofill (ala the shuffle) or manually loaded music via USB, a color display (duh) with album art support, stereo speakers, headphones with a mic for calls.

Engadget scoops the iPod Nano which will apparently be replacing the mini

welcome the iPod nano (and wave goodbye to the mini, which is now missing from Apple’s page after they announced it going south earlier today). It will feature 500 song/2GB and 1,000 song/4GB capacities, a 1.5-inch color display, and, of course, a click wheel, which appears to have a drastically larger center button.

BetaNews reports on iTunes 5

iTunes 5 closely resembles version 4 with minor adjustments to the user interface. Playlists can now be organized into folders and a new search bar can seek out specific types of content, such as podcasts or albums. The beefed up search bar has also been to the iTunes Music Store.

A Smart Shuffle feature was added to version 5 in response to feedback that iTunes' shuffle option was not random enough. "We've actually added Smart Shuffle to make it less random. But it seems more random," said Jobs

and lastly, with all the excitement and buzz over the iPhone and other products, rafat noted the major gadget sites were all down earlier today, and the Mac Observer had even gone as far as to trim down its homepage heh..




I want a Nano.

No Nano

I just bought my IPod mini last month, and other than a few things I like it. If you look into the nano you'll see it has the headphone jack on the bottom, WTF?


You have to admit, it is sexy as fuck to look at.

Really interesting Mac show here too

Long, but very interesting..

Mac i-Tunes store is the largest online store after Amazon, and the largest database of music on the web.

You can get a collectible Harry Potter iPod with all six books on it.


The phone is not enough too late. Dissapointing. It doesnt offer anything (less actually) than my current phone. The only thing it does do that any other modern phone doesn't is out of the box itunes compatability.

ipod nano looks lovely if I was looking for a dedicated mp3 player though :O)

Must be getting old...

'cos i can't think of anything worse than having headphones/music on while traveling or whatever.

I listen to the radio all day, i love music, but man, i just couldn't do an ipod, or any kind of player...

iPhone has beena buzz flop everywhere by the way...

you are getting old Nick



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