6 out of 10 Firms Evaluate SEM Badly

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Study: Most Marketers Not Measuring Right SEM Results
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Interesting data from a Jupiter Research study claims that 6 out of 10 marketers evaluate their SEM the wrong way. Instead of looking at ROI and generated sales, they're concentrating on "the means to the end": Search engine position & traffic volume.

The iProspect Search Marketer Performance Study found that only four out of 10 search marketers are being evaluated based on business goals, such as ROI or total sales generated. Instead, most marketers are being measured against intermediate metrics, like Web site traffic volume or top search engine ranking.

"It should be more like eight out of 10," Rob Murray, iProspect's president, told ClickZ News. "I would expect more companies to look at end results than focus on the means to the end."

Now why doesn't that surprise me?


seo = free money = I want it all !

guy contacted me today wanting to spend $2,000 on SEO and get guarantees. On AdWords he spends $35,000 a month and then he wants to spend like 6% of that on SEO and get guarantees.

many people view SEO as free money. and are mad that ANY was left on the table. should be #1 everywhere. for anything even slightly related to the business.

the fact that the research was sponsored by a SEM firm should make some of the research seem a bit questionable (as it is oh so easy to ask leading questions & ClickZ did not link to the research). kudos to iProspect for the free marketing for them.


The more numpties who think like this the better deal it is for the rest of us :O)

geesh... get a load of that press elease

That is the most keyword-stuffed press release I've seen in a while. Every other word is "search engine marketer" (12 times) or "search engine marketing" (17 times). Yes we can all start issuing press releases that we've determined

- search engine marketers are underpaid
- searh engine marketing firms are hiring search engine marketers on a regular basis
- search engine marketng firms are hiring search marketers to determine if search engine marketing firms are ranking well for seach engine marketing phrases and even the terms "search engine marketing" and "search engne marketer"

but... do we really want to?

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