China thinks Microsoft are a Joke

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'China has f*cked us' - Bill Gates
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...and there was me thinking our cultures were so far removed from each other we'd never have anything in common. According to to the Register, Kai Fu Lee has told the court that the Chinese government regard MS politics as somewhat of a source of amusement.

ust as the Cold War Superpowers fought their wars by proxy, this court battle has been a sideshow. We've looked in vain for glimmers of strategy from either side. If Google plans to reduce Windows to a poorly debugged device driver layer, as Netscape once hoped, or if Microsoft plans an end-run 'round Google's advertising franchising, we're none the wiser. But at least the trivia has been entertaining.

Gates himself said Microsoft has been "fucked" by the Chinese government and the Chinese people, according to Lee, without elaborating how.

I think this battle between MS and GOOG is very good for Google right now. While we're all busy having a laugh at MS, the heat is off of Google - who really, at least to my mind, are just as bad....