SEORoadShow 10th Sept 2005 - Edinburgh

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Well, Ivana Robyn and I have our bags packed and are about to start our journey to the the SEORoadShow in lovely (so i hear) Edinburgh! There will be light contributions from me for the next few days, so if you're not going, please take a little time out to post whatevers hot and keep this place ticking :)

The SEORoadShow Begins!
Im meeting up with Mikkel and Peter at Copenhagen airport, and after dinner, we'll all be in the George Hotel Bar (10pm onwards i guess) if like us you're arriving early.

We've got a bunch of cool meetings lined up, and some very nice places to eat - but are stuck for somewhere to dine out on Saturday night if anyone has any suggestions not including the badd ass bistro, jacksons or guilliano by the shore?

Post here if you want to hook up!
When you leave for Edinburgh, let us know in this thread, and we can all keep in touch and try not to leave anyone sitting at the bar wondering who's with the roadshow and who's not heh..

If you get stuck, call me on +45 5190 3276 - I rarely use my mobile, but i'll have it on the whole time so if you're arriving and want to know where everyone is just call me.

Dont forget many of us are hooking up for a Friday Night Dinner at Jacksons

Ok, so that's it. Really looking forward to seeing all those going, hope you all have pleasant journeys and try to look out for me (bald, wearing baseball cap, most likely carrying robyn) over the weekend as im more than a little blind and certainly won't see YOU heh..

See you in Scotland!


Look forward to seeing you

See you Sat afternoon.


Sitting in the George bar already

4 of us are sitting in the hotel bar and me watching a group of 70+ seniors arriving with bags bigger than mine when going to the US for 2 weeks.

Bar staff is far from being fast, but I expect them to become better by tomorrow - the have to. ;)

dine or eat, Nick?

>> somewhere to dine out on Saturday night

if you want to dine I really fancy trying The Witchery - but it's not the cheapest of places and I think you need to book up.

So someone will be in the bar by 12 tomorrow I'm guessing?

Great Gurtie, another

Great Gurtie, another restaurant where i need a dictionary to know what's on the menu!

How about this place with it's Deep Fried Pizza :)

yeah but

you stand a chance of bumping into Joanna Lumley, Davina McCall, Gail Porter or Mariella Frostrup at The Witchery (surely that covers a broad enough range to interest you??)

always up for abusing some

always up for abusing some celebrities – hopefully i can get thrown out just after finishing whatever that is on the menu and before i pay for the bill :)


Wish I had booked now, seeing Paul booted out of a place for abusing a celebrity would be well worth 4x price ;O) Please someone tell me they have had the foresight to bring along a video camera!

just booked 10 minutes ago.

well - kind of spontaneous. I just booked my flight (out of cologne to edinburgh) and hotel (george of course) 10 minutes ago and I did totally forgot to get my invite before. I know a few people (eurotrash, seobook) personally from the last pubcons, so that I hope that there will be no problem joining you ;-)

I deny knowing you.

I know a few people (eurotrash, seobook) personally from the last pubcons, so that I hope that there will be no problem joining you ;-)

I totally deny knowing you because you are always the one at the bar ordering drinks for yourself and leaving everyone else out. I reckon Aaron should do the same. Mine is an 80/-.


Well, it's wet and rainy start over here in Stirling, so I figure there won't be too much site-seeing done today in Edinburgh. I'll probably get a train this afternoon and loiter about the George with the disgruntled tourist SEO's. :)

i wish

I wish I was in Scotland :(

I've got to go to Somerset this weekend - hope you all have a good one :)

Just got back

Great weekend - im absolutely RUINED - had a 6am start after getting to bed at 3am so im not going to be doing much here till tomorow.

Just wanted to say thankyou to nffc,mrmakin and rcjordan + the uk reccy crew for arranging everything, and thank everyone else for making it a GREAT weekend :)

Was good - looking forward

Was good - looking forward to Copenhagen. :)

yes thanks guys

I really enjoyed it and feel thoroughly educated.

I think educated is the word I'm looking for?....

Excellent Weekend

with Excellent Company - really good show. Congrats and thanks to all the organisers/organizers and to the people behind the scenes. Great to see Mr. Turner smiling hapilly.

Yeah great time! Spent most

Yeah great time! Spent most of today catching up on some sleep and will probably stay away from alcohol for at least a few days :)

Thanks to everyone who made it happen and all the superb raffle prizes - hmmmmm, what to do with fantomasters shadowmaker ;) – only can we make people keep their clothes on next time :)

Looking forward to the next one

Thank You.

I want to thank everyone for organising and participating. It was a great weekend!

I just got messaged over IM by a fellow particpant and he asked the simple question.


My response was a simple

I think recovered would be too strong a word!

Just as an aside what was that wierd, drunk local woman going on about? Do you think she dislikes our industry ? LOL

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