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Ad Tracking Report from Blog Herald
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Duncan Riley from the Blog Herald has a nice write up ad tracking from his blog network. It's really worth a read if you operate any sort of blog with advertsing, here's a snippet or two

New ads work
You will always get a higher CTR on new ads, both text and graphical (but not Adsense). Think of it like a honeymoon for ads. In the case of the Blog Herald new ads are good for probably 2 to 3 days in terms of decent CTR, then they drop off to lower levels. Ive tracked the ads from BlogAds for a period as well (sorry Opera users, my bad). My advice if you’re advertising using BlogAds over a period of time: rotate your ad graphics maybe once a week.

Here's one most of us know but the software engineers wish we didn't

Some people might think that text links are all about Google juice, and although they might be partially right, they’d also be partially wrong, because I was amazed to see some text links in the nav bars doing reasonable CTR rates. Sure, not amazingly high, but when people attack O’Reilly and others on the basis of relevance I’d argue that if one person clicks on it, it must be relevant to them. In the case on my tracking, it was a lot more than one person.



Second paragraph is certainly very interesting. 'Course Google will still say "don't do it cos we say so".

The development of that

The development of that debate will be interesting. I do understand that Google got big problems when they so much base their algorithm on link popularity, but they cant stop a valid advertising format by banning loads of sites?

reasonable CTR rates

A definition of reasonable would be of help.

How can you track a straight text link?

Tracking text links

Using javascript on all outbound links using JS in the header if you are the publishing site or using referrer data if you are the advertising site.

I expect with the dismal CTRs that advertisers are happy with in the graphical banner world if you get better than 0.5% CTR you ought to be happy, 2% you would be clicking your heels. If it is better than that then congratulations :OD

Let me re-phrase

How is blogherald tracking CTR on the static text links?


CTR rates on text links varied between 0.5-3% CTR, average of about 1%. The banners are doing about 0.5% (but 2-4% on a new one for the first day or two, sometimes higher). The nav bar at the top as I mentioned in the post was 0.12% CTR for the week to date, complete waste.

mainly phpmyads, where I was able to present the text link through the js include for a time where the advertiser permitted, or also with some of the free links I had (again, they were rotated across lots of ads so as to not disadvantage any of the links over time as well). BlogAds provide data themselves, Adsense through Adsense tracker, the best script I've ever used to date on tracking them and its all totally free and open source as well.
here for the WordPress version, or general version here.

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