Shock, Horror - Gilligan is not an Update

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As SEO's rumble over the "Gilligan" update, Matt Cutt's reveals SHOCKING new information, that "Gilligan" is not an update, rather it is just an export of data to collect back links and page rank. Shock, Horror - should we rename our "Update" to be what it is or forge ahead, strong in our nature, and forever hold OUR UPDATE in its highest regard as AN UPDATE.

What is an update? Google updates its index data, including backlinks and PageRank, continually and continuously. We only export new backlinks, PageRank, or directory data every three months or so though. (We started doing that last year when too many SEOs were suffering from “B.O.”, short for backlink obsession.) When new backlinks/PageRank appear, we’ve already factored that into our rankings quite a while ago. So new backlinks/PageRank are fun to see, but it’s not an update; it’s just already-factored-in data being exported visibly for the first time in a while

here's the clincher

Technically Update Gilligan is just backlink/PageRank data becoming visible once more, not a real update. There haven’t been any substantial algorithmic changes in our scoring in the last few days. I’m happy to try to give weather reports when we do our update scoring/algo data though.

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Does it matter?

Anymore, I could care less about updates. They come, they go, and they have made slaves of many. I mean, just what does it matter? So there is an update - It's not like you can shield your site after the fact.

Also, I don't believe much that Mr Google says when it concerns the Company and it's out in the open.


I know the actor that played Gilligan just died this week, is this how we honor him by naming a goofy update after him LOL...

The SEOs who name "updates" don't know what they are doing

I know, that's a negative remark which may be moderated. But my point is that too many people in the SEO forums pay attention to the wrong details. They are consistently passed up by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and anyone else in the search game because these guys just don't get it.

When an idea becomes so pervasive that you can find it repeated on most if not all SEO forums, it has most likely outlived any usefulness it may once have had.

Naming Google updates is a childish waste of time.

They don't even know what an update is any more.

No update at all

It's even more useless when it's not even an update per se.

For everyone who didn't get the obvious sarcasm from the title..

...there hasn't been a REAL google-dance-type update for ages. This is not "new" news... Most people know by now that it's just an update of the public indicators. That said, some don't. I guess Matt tried to make that clear in his own way...

I thought I should mention it once again, just to be sure ;-]

WORD UP! SARCASM - yes that would be correct

I'm still curious about the dumb green bar and how that works with the so called compillation of data collected - where & when does the filter occur.

>naming updates I remember

>naming updates

I remember when that was first broached as an idea, it seemed kind of fun at the time, but i'll agree it's a bit silly...

I like the idea...'s just that the names are so exotic, I don't get them. I guess it's just for the WMW in-crowd. Was seomike's assumption - above - correct BTW? Is it named after the role of the actor who died???

no idea im afraid wit...

no idea im afraid wit...

The names provide no context

It is far better to refer to the updates by the time frames in which they occur. Too many people still speak of "Florida" as if it were significant to today's Web. It's not.

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