Quiet out here, is it not?

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With all the UK TW members gone to the SEORoadshow, it's even quiter than usual this weekend. In fact it's so quiet that I feel obliged to start the quiet thread...

Must say that it hasn't REALLY been quiet here. My cat has been hiding under the fridge 80% of today and yesterday because of the numerous thunderstorms.

I've been running around the house with towels, trying to mop up "incoming" rain. Nothing shocking of course. This thunderstorm doesn't really deserve a name. Bl**dy nuisance just the same.

Anyway... I'm sure you people will spend the weekend in a more interesting way. So please share :-)


Not much going on today.

Not much going on today. But tonight I'm going to a party which should be fun.

Can't sleep

Spent Saturday afternoon/evening at work. After, watched "The Assasination of Richard Nixon". 4:30 am & can't sleep

Working yesterday and this morning

... but tonight we are headed down to Italy for pizza, beer and ice-hockey!

I've been hanging out with

I've been hanging out with the dogs, i miss them soooo much when im away - we're all happy now :)

And the chickens are now producing a few eggs a day!

oooh! I forgot to thank you


I forgot to thank you guys for keeping TW ticking the last few days, lots of stuff going on behind the scenes, and it was REALLY appreciated!


Today, I went to some computer hardware gig and I bought...

... the ugliest computer you've ever seen (the black one). The specs and the price were right though. I'll just have to cover it in a brown paper bag or something. Eeewwww.

Where's the behind the scenes reports from SeoRoadShow?

Just catching up on working on my sites for a change. During the week the paying clients always get in the way!! ;-)

Where's the behind the scenes reports from SeoRoadShow?


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