Adwords to Ban Affiliates?

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Adwords to ban affiliates?
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This would be a massive shake up

From a post by Shak

strong rumours on the grapeine that Google is considering stopping the promotion of merchants by affiliates using adwords to send traffic direct to the merchants.

How then do you define an affiliate.


Google are saying

they aren't though aren't they?

Who knows

it would kill their share price.

They might become tighter with the terms one can use. Related to the tradmark infringement type thingys


Some good stuff at John Battelle's blog and a post by goodman at traffick - sorry, no permalink to the last one, they seem to be having some tech probs...

Thanks ukgimp!

Somehow, I think google would make exceptions

Two things:

1. I think Google would make exceptions for their chosen few which would give more fuel to the fire of 'us vs them'.

2. Affiliate marketers would get even better at hiding themselves to look like 'real' sites.

Them and us...

They bring it mostly on themselves i think...

did you see the thing about cloaking? - there may be a whole googlehugging culture out there but a lot of more sensible search folks just dont buy some of thier stuff...

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