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Search Community Still Doesn't Get RSS
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Peter is banging the why don't Search marketers get RSS drum again. It's a song we've played before eh Peter? It still baffles me aswell but to give you some hope, maybe, I did speak to a bunch of folks in Edinburgh this weekend about the virtues of RSS / tagging and other such trendy things - they all promised dutifully to change their ways and bloody well catch up with the rest of us after the gig. Let's just hope it wasn't the beer talking...



Zoot Suits Were Trendy

Once upon a time. Not everyone needs RSS aggregation, and tagging, rather than becoming more useful as its popularity grows, is actually becoming less useful. How long did you think tagging would last before tag spam and tag bombing started to degrade the slightly ordered chaos? ;)

About 5 mins Though i still

About 5 mins

Though i still find it extremely useful for non-commercial subjects - and all it really needs (and dammit i was writing about this earlier and can't recall where) is the addition of reputation in a social network of sorts - or some industrial grade spam algorithms and we'd all be laughin...

Erm...not "dummies"

Erm...not "dummies", just a gentle reminder to look into it ;) Like being able to digest the contents of 100's of email subscription lists very quickly. Only far less intrusive. And that's just for starters....

addition of reputation in a social network of sorts


Sage et al is step1 right!

So is Search Fox - step 2?


BTW where's my last comment gone?

frantically waving

XML = solution looking for a problem

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