RSS Reader Blocks Google Ads

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NewsFire blocks RSS ads
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And so it begins... The only thing about the fact that Newsfire is now blocking Google and Feedburner RSS ads by default that surprises me, is that it took this long for it to start...

Niall (linked above) has a few very good questions about this:

  • Is NewsFire the first of what may be many aggregators to block advertisements in feeds?
  • Will products tout this feature as a key reason to switch?
  • Will publishers such as Weblogs Inc. ban such user agents from accessing their feeds?

Let me give my best guesses:

  • Yes, that's the nose of the bandwagon you're seeing coming round the corner
  • Wouldn't you?
  • Oh i do hope so, that'd be SO much fun :)

All aboard, all aboard....


partial feeds

Here's a screen shot of an engadget feed from Bloglines and here's the exact same feed in Firefox Sage, sage is a standard config no greasemonkey business. Anyone who relies on advertising to make money from blogging/rss need another 2x4 to the head?

Cutting off their noses to spite...

Well, you know the rest. Idiots.

Let me give these folks a hint:
Quality content is typically not free. Writers will (or should) be compensated for their work if their work has value.

This'll just create an arms race. I forsee bloggers simply putting ads in their feeds as regular entries. Then everyone loses in the long term.

I might support the ability to block ads as an option. But by default? Greedy, stupid, shortsighted. I hope those useragents get blocked, and if those readers try masquerading as Bloglines, for instance, I hope sues the hell out of 'em.

nukes at 11:00

hey this is just another step in the arms race.

simply another choice on where in the chain it gets nuked.

if the feeds want to claim a value-add then this is newsfire's value-add proposition.

weblogsinc is going to go apopleptic

So will the autolinks-haters condemn this...

...since it clearly alters Webmasters' content without their consent? Just curious ;)

It's not the same thing adam

It's not the same thing adam - that tune is getting boring now mate...

So what's new.

Just an extension of Pop Up Blockers, Spam Filters, Web Pages ad blockers that are so popular amongst the techno-elite.

Good marketing move by Newsfire imho - 'Get the News without the heavily disguised Ads'

I thought it was a great

I thought it was a great marketing move too - create a little contraversy over blocking google and feedster and raise your profile...

if those readers try

if those readers try masquerading as Bloglines [via user agents] for instance, I hope sue the hell out of 'em.

now that would be interesting. Stupid, but interesting.

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