Googles latest response to YouTube advertiser boycott: New site category exclusions for display network


The changes to improve 'brand suitability' are  detailed on this Google help page were summarized by Ginny Marvin at search engine land. The highlights include:

  • Rollup exclusion category "Tragedy and conflict" that includes “Crime, police, and emergency,” “ Military and international conflict” and “Death and tragedy” categories.
  • Two new categories including  "Sensitive social issues" and "Content suitable for families"
  • Removed include "gambling" and "error pages" categories. Also "Forums", "Social networks", "Photo-sharing pages", and "Video-sharing pages" options are going away

In March, Google named Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s UK, and Lloyds as among the 250  advertisers they lost due to brand suitability issues. Based on my check of available third party data on these advertisers, only Lloyds is showing video display ads, as of the time of writing.

Another recent outcome of the advertiser contractions as reported by Lauren Johnson at AdWeek is that, avertising on Google Preferred which aggregates top Youtube channels, grew 30 percent in the U.S. between the second quarters of 2016 and 2017.

On the publisher side, Google changed its requirements for channels participating in the YouTube partner program to 10,000 views before and piece of video content can start making money from advertising. One interesting question from this action is if the new raised bar will lead small publishers to other platforms, like Facebook, who has recently been investing heavily into video?