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Wow, look at the view from here!
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bwelford has discovered bloglines and the bloglines FireFox extension - my personal favorite for RSS Speed Reading:

What has really done the job is using Bloglines for harvesting all the RSS newsfeeds I'm interested in. There is an extension for Firefox that gives me a small indicator at the bottom right of my screen when any of my newsfeeds has a new item. Bloglines checks all the newsfeeds it monitors every hour. I only show in Bloglines the newsfeeds that have New Items. So when I check out the Bloglines website, all I see are those Newsfeeds with the number of New Items in each. So I've now cancelled all my e-mail advices and rely on these RSS Newsfeeds. I even do this for Cre8asite.

..and im pretty sure he picked it up from this SEW thread: Feed Aggregators - What do you Use?

Both threads are fantastic, so do check them out :)

Now, what I want to know is: What Aggregator Are You Using to View Threadwatch Feeds?



I came across Bloglines about 6 months ago after I first started to see the advantages of RSS, and I've used it ever since. I've moved to Firefox as my preferred browser, and also have the bloglines extension. This made my life easier, but most of my time was still taken up searching through forums....but then threadwatch came along :-)

My Yahoo!

Mainly because of the almost totality... all my favorite Rss are supported + my portfolio + an inbox + ...

I couldnt live without bloglines now...

Tim over at the cre8 thread linked above just posted links, screenshots and instructions for a thik Nick W to install the bloglines toolkit on FF - oooohhh...... NICE!

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