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Google To Launch Blog Search
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UPDATE: It's LIVE! Testing, testing... see comments for initial thoughts...

Just a quick one on this now as neither of the urls for Google's new "industrial strength" blog search are currently available. If you want the "we sent this out a month ago" release you can check out SearchDay or just keep an eye on and - Apparently you'll be able to search blogger sites specifically (er...) or use regular "real time" blog search - Let's not hype it before we've tried it eh?

"We look for sites that update pinging services, and then we crawl in real-time so that we can serve up search results that are as fresh as we can," said Goldman.

Google defines blogs as sites that use RSS and other structured feeds and update content on a regular basis.

Although Google Blog search focuses primarily on content published to the blogosphere, it's not a true full-text search across all sources, according to Goldman. This is because some publishers only syndicate excerpts of content via RSS. Google's blog search indexes all of the content it finds in feeds, but does not attempt to access and index the full content available on a publisher's web server.

Im excited about this, hope it's not a dissapointment when it comes online...


Initial Thoughts

Looks good.

Interesting the way it does its redirects to the actual blogs - no JS thingy like on regular SERPS and a noticeable and ANNOYING delay on the redirect.

Sort by relevance or date - does like GNews with "X hours ago" added to SERPS

Plenty of scraper spam in the results - oh well...

Interesting that it's indexing Findory, another blog search...


Oh, and it has feeds for the results - for a while i'd wondered if they'd leave that out heh! So, can we have that on regular serps now please?

I'm not impressed

Blatant plug to my review..
Google should be doing a whole lot better. look at index numbers.

yeah, im going to follow up

yeah, im going to follow up later today duncan, i'm going through the rss now, i'll come to that post :)

Not bad

14 minutes after publishing a new post appeared on the SERP. Nice job.

Content is King - no matter where you stole it :)

> Plenty of scraper spam in the results - oh well...

I am just happy to see that they actually recognise my scraper crap as a real blog. After all, isn't content a great thing :)

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