Look out behind you! Google Personalized is Coming!

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When we were kids, i remember playing a game we probably all played. Our version was called "99 in" - You had one person stand at a post (tree, lampost etc) and the rest had to hide. When he'd counted to 100, he could open his eyes and try to find you, your job was to stealthily make your way to the post without him seeing you. When you got there, without being caught, you shouted "99 IN!". If you look up into the top right corner of Google you'll see a "Personalized Homepage" link. I reckon GOOG are getting close to calling 99 in... :)

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I like it.

I noticed it earlier today and started adding things to my page. I like the integrated GMail and the page seems easier to customize than Yahoo. Well, it's been a long time since I played with My Yahoo so things may have changed, but as far as the custom Google page goes it offers what you would expect from Goog - a spartan and easy to use design.

It's strange - I have Yahoo Games for my kids and I pay for the monthly Yahoo Music Engine, but I can't bring myself to use the My Yahoo page. But, this Google version seems effortless...

I forgot to ask - Where are the Ads going to fit?

got the t-shirt

Been there and got the t-shirt to prove it ;-). Nah, seriously I have been using this for a while now as they had it in Beta. I was wondering if it was spidered and a good place to dump new client domain links, but in the time of beta they were not spidering the personalized pages.

On the upside of this I have always liked the idea of creating your own home page by drawing content from favourite sources. With Google page I was able to put the weather, topical news interest, favourite tech sites and mobile web goodies.

On the downside, it's an ugly piece of work. Personalisation stops at adding content and not all the content you want. You can't design the page or really change colour, you can drag and drop. Seamless techniques are at an all time low and forget anything accessible.

Yahoo also has one, though not the same as Google's, same concept different layout.

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