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Blow your mind in Z-space
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Although i didn't know that's what they were called, i've seen a couple of Z-Space interfaces before, but like Kathy, nothing to match BillyHarvey.com. You'll need audio to enjoy. Just click everything. Isn't that neat?

FYI, the webdesign firm behind it is So Fake



Check out the Videos section (left menubar). Gotta love an interface where the Play/Rewind buttons are drawn on a piece of tape. :)

what's good about flash

I love the lip synching when you play a tune, and the way the volume varies with your distance from his head. And Stupid Daniel? Thanks for the link/laughs!

Lots of reasons to push limits with flash... the SE-driven web is so boring, no?


I've spent the last years with almost just spammy text-only sites and serps, killing flash with PrefBar toolbar . Almost forgot why I got into the web business at first - really cool design and concept, gonna lurk other sofake sites now.

best flash i've seen

I actually want to buy his CD just to reward him for his badass site. This beats the F*ck Force Five flash from 2000.

I have to agree with

I have to agree with GoLinks. This site reminds me of when the web was fun, and websites were fun. Somehow we've fallen into the rut of McDonalds-like, cookie cutter websites (with your choice of scraped content) which is all boring. I'm getting a new respect for Flash website design.

I've ...

I've been arguing for the judicious use of Flash some time now (an argument that can land you in some intense debates, unfortunately). For some uses, nothing does it like Flash.

I just bought Flash Professional 8. It arrived yesterday.

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