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David Cowan of Who Has Time For This? reports that "Reliable, inside sources who understandably wish to remain anonymous have confirmed to me that (and I kid you not) Google's recruiters have been directed to hire every attractive single woman they can."

I found David's Blog via Shak's excellent China White Blog where he wants to offer his services in Google's quest to employ all the pretty people.

I have decided to act as an unpaid Google employee interviewing Single Chinese women for the expansion and battle against Baidu and Alibaba.

Interviews will be held this Saturday Nite / Sunday Morning 1am > 5am @ Bar Rouge, 18 The Bund, Shanghai.

Don't bother waiting in line, and go straight to desk and inform them that you are here to see "GoogreGuy"

If you need a hand with the interviewing process Shak, just let me know :)

In all seriousness for a moment, if this is a new philosophy for Google then why would they be doing it ?

Well it could well be that Geeks have trouble socialising and put together with the fact that
Geeks are mostly male Google are simply trying to ensure that their staff are as fully rounded as possible and enjoy some of the more intimate aspects of life.

It may also be that Google want to breed a new world order of Googlers

or most convincingly for me is that Dr Kai Fu Lee can only recruit staff for Google until his non compete agreement ends that he wants to carve himself an enjoyable niche, specialising in pretty people!


attractive single woman

attractive single woman may increase the effectiveness of geeky-nerdy engineers efforts to take over the world. That's *scientific*, I believe :-)

That's *scientific*,

That's *scientific*, I believe :-)

I believe you are correct :D


This may actually reduce productivity .. ;O)

Are you interested in

Are you interested in working in a fun pleasant atmosphere where there are plenty of smart single men with a high net worth?

our place is free

Try Our office on the other hand, we don't have the high net worth fun pleasant atmoshpere but me and Gimp are sexy beasts:)


It makes good sense!

If any of you watched the recent reality show "Beauty and the Geek" it makes perfect sense for Google to do this.

Beautiful young women and geeky young men can and do get along nicely if you purposely put them together. They may not ever get together, however, if not somehow "forced" into it!

First geek to filter those spammers

Maybe some new-rich Googlers got bored and just need a new incentive/stimulus:
"First geek to *filter* those spammers gets home early,
with those 2 new pretty girls that not one person knows what's their role"

>> but me and Gimp are sexy

>> but me and Gimp are sexy beasts:

Doug, you are trying to get attractive young girls to work there on the basis that a Geordie git, and a guy who's nickname is "Gimp" also work there? Sounds like a winner to me...

Tall Troll

We can but need to change your name though:)


Woah boy ...

but me and Gimp are sexy beasts:)

... there are people here who saw you topless at the weekend, mind.


It's my way of keeping busy in Shanghai and talking Search ...

Now the craziest thing would be if someone actually turns up, and since this is the Peoples Republic of China, ya never know.



It's about bang on, isn't it? :)

we employ boliers

We employ boliers, they are loyal and happy that someone gave them a look in and people think about their work not shagging the bit on the other side of the room.

Doug and Gimpy = beasts - sexy



Isn't it illegal to hire someone based on gender?

You know, I am fine with

You know, I am fine with this -- so long as the women being hired also know their stuff. I am not a proponent of hiring someone who is good looking but dumb as a box of hammers.


Yes, if you hired the one with the big chest and short skirt...*in your office* would be hard to prove......but if G is hiring them in droves...and dozens or hundreds of them start popping up all over "The Plex"...well....that may be a little easier to prove.


I think you have to proove that you were not hired based on gender or physical appearance, which is a bit trickier if the hot chicks have qualifications similar to yours.

the hot chicks have qualifications similar to yours


the hot chicks have qualifications similar to yours

Which will be as hard to proove as
"Dr.Lee *only* helps with quality recruites,
He is great at HR and we don't really use any of his past knowledge, really"... :-)

Hot Chicks

Maybe they have a problem with Googlers surfing too much porn...

As far as discrimination, it only depends on what they hire them to do. I wouldn't put it past Google to bring them on staff as "the Google cheerleading team"

Gimme a 'G'
Gimme an 'O'
Gimme a 'O'

You get the idea. Would you try harder if you had cheerleaders? I sure would.

isn't it illegal to hire

Never mind - re-read the thread and got the wrong end of the stick.

ah, laowai

Isn't it illegal to hire someone based on gender?

yah heh, i'm guessing you've never been to China before

I agree, It is legal enough

to hire here based on whatever the employer wants its worker to be and look like. It's very common to see advertisements just for pretty looking single women between the age of 18 and 25 or for that matter for men not older that 27.

I might as well jobsearchpartycrash there myself to see if anybody shows up.

but if G is hiring them in

but if G is hiring them in droves...and dozens or hundreds of them start popping up all over "The Plex"...well....that may be a little easier to prove.

I think it would perhaps only be a problem if they were purposely discriminating against the ugly fat ones?


This is probably a real smart idea...if Google can avoid discrimination accusations. Everything they offer to employees is to create an environment where people only leave the building to go home and creating an atmosphere where single, geeky guys can interact with girls socially.....especially good looking girls.....would certainly make the geeks smile while they code all day.

So...what would be their job titles?

This is China

This is China not America or some other place. Is it specifically illegal there ?
Can you be held liable in the US for your hiring practices in another country ?


get with the program...

my post is a spoof, whereas the original is talking about USA



I really look stupid.

Why Google hires sexy chicks

Google unveils new erotica search engine and is in desperate need of sexy sales reps ;)

He he he



So which one of you did that? :)

Ya' gotta' love it

Be sure to check out the media contact in the press release.

Yeah, deep insights

Yeah, deep insights ...

Whoever it was I take my hat

Whoever it was I take my hat off to you.

Whereas if it ever went live, there would be a lot of people taking their trousers down!

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