Microsoft Looking to Buy Big Part of AOL

According to an article in today's NY Post, Microsoft and Time Warner are in "advanced discussions" about MSN acquiring half of AOL and the two companies doing a joint development.

The artcile was later confirmed by Reuters.

Though both articles state the sale is at least two months from completion - and thus not a done deal - the potential of this merger could be a big play in the industry.


Add the IM wars that are

Add the IM wars that are floating on the edges and 2006 could be a really interesting year in the search space... which is really fast become a battle for the Internet Space....

Fortune has article

AOL: The Relaunch
It was scarred by scandal, mocked as Internet for Dummies, left for dead—but now it's being courted by Google and Microsoft. A story of (perhaps) redemption.

More from MSNBC /

More from MSNBC / Reuters

Time Warner also is having conversations with other companies interested in partnering with AOL, the [Wall Street] Journal reported, citing a person close to the situation.

Microsoft and AOL resume

Microsoft and AOL resume merger talks | October 7, 2005 07:16 AM | By Tom Sullivan

The Wall Street Journal reports that Time Warner and Microsoft have restarted discussions about potentially marrying AOL and MSN.

Exact plans are not clear at this point, and many obstacles remain, WSJ wrote.

nothing to add. google better wake up..

nice post, Gerbot.

Susan Mernit scores

She has a very good point about the infrastructure side being a prize in itself - I was talking to a network guy from C&W a few weeks back, and he was enthusing about the impressive backbone AOL built and the redundant capacity. Add that to Google's dark fibre purchases and there's a definite platform of potential shared interest. Plus all that personal marketing data...

Or Google?

Check this out.

I'm interested from the PPC side

When I present to a suit I always have a power point slide with a pie chart cut into each portals share of the search market.
The big chunks are always Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

For ages I've been showing how Google PPC buys Google/AOL and Overture Buys Yahoo/MSN.
nice and easy.
Lately I've been saying with MSN starting their own PPC that Google was going to become the clear leader for share of the PPC market with Overture really falling back without the MSN deal.
If Google ever lose the AOL deal MSN will have gone from simply a 'portal with a partner' to a serious threat for the PPC share of market crown.
If fact with with the 'less savvy' MSN and AOL user all in one place I know where I'd be spending my PPC pounds/dollars!

When Google renewed the AOL deal it looked like they actually took a hit on it.
i.e. paid out a fix price greater than a 100% rev share.
My take is that this was for the search volume but more importantly the quality shoppers AOL has which would price up their own traffic.

You just have to admire Microsoft, they can be so late to market yet they may still hit the lead in under 3 years, all while fighting other fronts like operating systems and game consoles

Please, please, please let

Please, please, please let this happen!

Yeah, it'll be interesting

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see when AOL starts using all MSN search results. I guess this is a way for MSN to get a huge percentage of the search market: buy it.

Relatively easy to optimize

Relatively easy to optimize for MSN Search results + millions of new AOL users = works for me!

Someone with more intimate knowledge of the Google/AOL license can elaborate on what needs to happen for this kind of transition.