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Constant Content is a service many TW regulars will have heard of, but i suspect few have tried it out. Essentially it's a database of paid articles on many subjects, categorized with a sliding scale of prices depending on various factors, how many other people have bought the article is one of those factors.

Graywolf has put together a great review of Constant Content. The quick answer is yes, he like it, but it's worth going through the entire thing if you're on the hunt for good content as he's really dug deep into the service.

A quote on Price:

Here's where it gets a little interesting, depending on how you are going to use the article the pricing is on a sliding scale. If you just want to reprint the article that is the lowest price (in this case it is $30). If you want full exclusive rights that is the highest price (in this case it is $50). At this point you have to decide what the article is worth to you.

and in summary:

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the articles I received. They were much better than anything I could have written myself. Additionally if you can find articles by authors you like, that have zero downloads, I would really recommend buying them at the unique level, to get the most value out of them. I feel the articles I downloaded were worth the price, and I plan on using this service again.

Has anyone here used them? I've not tried it, but im quite keen on the look of it after reading what GW had to say so let us know what you think...


The quality of content is inconsistent

Among freelance writers, Constant Content has a somewhat dimmed reputation. I mean, it doesn't get badmouthed regularly, but there are very few people who sing its praises.

There are other distribution services more favored by freelance writers.

However, the exposure that the site gets through Threadwatch and other SEO blogs may be good for all. The freelance writing community will notice if there is an increase in demand for Constant Content's articles from paying sources.

Constant Content

I have been an author for Constant-Content since March and sing their praises. They pay well, are great people to work with and stand behind the content of their authors. They pay on time, without hassle, have a zero tolerance for plagiarism and provide clients with articles for their requests promptly.

Constant-Content has content online that can be downloaded immediately or, if you can't find the content that your looking for, the authors often deliver it within in a few hours.

I am proud to be an author for such a prestigious website. If you're looking for content that you need quickly, Constant-Content is the place to go. The writers are professional and will fulfill all your content needs. The owner has an open door policy and moderates the forum in a timely manner.

Drop over to Constant-Content. Whether you're an author or someone looking for website content, you will be pleased with the site. Authors can make good money if they pay attention to requests and write for them. If you're looking for a extra money and are a prolific author, submit your articles to this site.

Constant Content review


I'm an author for Constant Content and have been for several months. The site has been a great source of income, and I've found that many of the articles are very good quality. What sets CC apart is the fact that authors are in complete control of their articles. We don't have to turn over rights of our articles unless a buyer makes an exclusive purchase at the price we set. It's a great way to earn for our skills. Buyers get to pick and choose as they please.

I recommend CC to authors and content buyers. It's a win-win situation. The content buyer writing requests are filled very quickly by authors.


I've often thought my Ivana

I've often thought my Ivana might enjoy doing freelance writing more than teaching, can a writer earn a decent wage from such services?

Writing for the web

NickW as another new member (with no current affiliation with Constant Content)let me suggest that writing for the web is not as easy as it looks.

And often people who buy stories or articles don't really know what to look for when it comes to finding something that people will actually be able to read.

For example, you will often see articles etc. with big paragraphs and long sentences. Those are fine in magazines and books but are major turn-off's when it comes to reading an article on a computer monitor.

My partner and I have been writing for various websites for some years now and our experience is that it can take quite some time for a new writer to begin to make any decent money.

I certainly don't want to put your partner off but the reality is often quite different to the perception.


Making a living at freelance writing IS possible...

... but it's tricky. I know many people who do it, but they do it by writing books (which don't normally pay very well on an hourly basis, BTW, but are great for exposure and credibility), articles and whitepapers. These are all techie writers, naturally. They have multiple projects on the go at any time.

I can see a newcomer using a service like Constant Content to break into the industry, but the pay rate is pretty low, especially for the exclusive rights. IMHO.

On the right topics and with

On the right topics (topics people are willing to pay for) and with the abillity to sell her services (getting regular clients) I am quite sure she could.

I would love to hire a writer myself, but unfortunatly cant afford it at the moment.

Dupe Content issues?

I guess you could change the articles around some to make them unique, and it gives you a good starting point.

Europe Travel Articles

Been thinking about devloping and sure would need quite a few articles then.

At $50 x atleast 30 - 40 articles in each country, that would mount to a considerable cost, but those I found eg. on France and they looked like they were good quality, so very interesting.

my my, 2 new users with

my my, 2 new users with glowing reports of CC, you'll forgive me if we take those "testimonials" with a pinch of salt eh? :)


I've often thought my Ivana might enjoy doing freelance writing more than teaching, can a writer earn a decent wage from such services?

Nick, if Ivana could writing good marketing copy, she could make decent money as a copywriter online, especially if she learned the ins and outs of writing for the search engines as well as the users.

I think that type of copywriting would be more lucrative than article writing, but I'm not positive. Many SEOs are always looking for good website content writers, but they are hard to find. (You can find many writers, its the GOOD part that's hard!)

Yep, pay rate is pretty low

Might be okay for a part-timer who wants to break into the industry as you say, or just wants to claim to be a "writer." Otherwise it's not at all survivable at $2, $3, $5, $10, or even $50 to $60 per article, not to mention the site's cut.

I've just cruised through a 100 or so pages and found very, very few downloads, mostly the very inexpensive or free articles. Unless the site is selling many "unique" articles there just doesn't appear to be a lot of activity.

To further clarify... I was

To further clarify... I was recently approached to write a series of articles for $250 per article. This is much lower than my normal rate, however the articles would be sent out on a mailing list with 40,000 subscribers, so I took the deal. Writing for something like Constant Content would make no sense at all for me -- low pay and low exposure -- but it might work for someone new as a showcase for their work from which to get better, higher-paying gigs.

As anyone who's tried it knows, writing quality articles takes time. What's your time worth to you?

As the owner...

I'm a regular at threadwatch, it was nice to see my site on your site this morning. I usually lurk in the background so I don't post much. Let me help clear up some questions.

Duplicate content - If you purchase a unique or full rights license, duplicate content is not an issue since it is removed from the site.

Can a writer make money – Of course, but I will say it takes a special kind of writer. Of the 2500 writers we have signed up I will say only 20 are selling articles daily.

my my, 2 new users with – A link (now removed) was posted in our forums, this most likely caused the posts.

Yep, pay rate is pretty low – As a writer you set your own prices, but your correct in that a typical article could sell for $40-$150. Some much lower some much higher, it all depends on the subject and the client.

The quality of content is inconsistent - dimmed reputation? I’m guessing this is from writers who do not understand the site or didn’t sell articles within the first day of posting. It just doesn’t work that way, and as for the quality, that would be hard to judge unless you purchased articles. Majority of our customers are repeat customers and we have a very strict approval process.

Unless the site is selling many "unique" articles there just doesn't appear to be a lot of activity. - 80% of sales are unique, not many people are interested in duplicate content

Anyway, just thought I would clear some things up.

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